The Law of Attraction

People believe that opposites attract, but the universe takes it differently. The law of attraction is a philosophy that states that positive thoughts bring positivity in life and good results, whereas negative thoughts attract negativity. I do not know how far it is true, but I have felt it happening. It might be my fancy or superstition, but I have heard it from my father too, which makes me believe it more.

Beta jaisa sochogi waisa hi hoga!

When I look back, I find that wherever I expected, I failed. Starting from when life became challenging to me, expectations from me had risen significantly. Every time I took my weekly tests at the coaching center, I would expect myself to bag the rank 1. And I always failed. Failure was not a part of my life before, and hence it became extremely unbearable. Whenever the results were out, I would expect to be at the top, but failing kept shattering my confidence. However, I am also a human, and there is a breaking point. Likewise, I also gave up all the hopes on me and just swore to work harder.
One day I entered my classroom without looking at my result, and my peers crowded upon me, asking how I managed to bag the top position. And I was on cloud nine.

I determined to work hard for my courses in my college, and again I expected to get a decent grade, but the tables turned completely, I messed up my whole semester. However, again when I gave up all the hopes on me, I scored a much better grade with less than half the work I did in the previous semester. It may be due to several other circumstances, but this does not let me disbelieve the law of attraction.

In the meanwhile, I received a mail from my college authorities regarding some quiz. The quiz had to be conducted by an e-commerce company. These were the only details I knew. I did not attend the QnA session, and I did not pay any attention to it. I just gave no importance to it. Even on the quiz day, my Google Calendar notification reminded me of the online test, and I was so lazy that I did not even want to take the quiz. I thought that whatsoever I was not going to clear it. But something in me called upon me to sit for half an hour and at least attempt it. I gave my best. After a few days, I received a mail stating that the results were out. I was so hopeless that I did not even bother to check the results. Lately, I got to know that I was one of the three candidates who had been selected. I have no idea how this happened. I literally have no idea how I cleared it with utmost zero preparation. And then I went on to read more about it. The e-commerce company would be offering you an internship if you cleared the two-round interview.

Then I did the exact same as any candidate would do: preparing for the interviews. Finally, however, the process became so tedious and delayed that they resolved to declare the final results only after the first round. Perhaps my luck! In the waiting time of one month, I had again started expecting from myself. And I must say expectations suck. What next? Exactly what you are thinking right now. The rejection mail was finally on my computer screen, and I was trying to absorb that in me. It took me so much time to accept the result. Because I was so satisfied with my interview performance. However, introspecting down the line, I have this opinion that expectation took me back again. I know I might sound superstitious, but this is how I see it.

After some days, I learned about some other online quiz from a multinational technology company. So I took the test, telling my mom, “Hona to hai nahi, phir bhi de hi dete hain.” And I was in.

So what is the use of telling you so irrelevant stories?

I feel that expectation instills in you the feeling of longing for something or somebody. It signals to the universe that whatever you are longing for is not with you at the moment. And this ‘not with you’ gets attracted. So the universe starts working on ‘not giving it to you. (I know you might find it rubbish, and I may also in the future, but at least this is how it has mostly worked with me.)

One should start believing rather than expecting, believing in oneself and working on oneself. We must believe that we are here for a purpose, the purpose of being happy and being productive for one and all. One must believe that one day everything will fall at its place. The universe will take us to the place we belong.